Types of wood stains

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Published: 19th July 2009
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Wood can be stained in many different ways according to the user preference and liking. Many people, however, preserve the wood's natural color that shows the elegance of the used wood. Others prefer to stain the wood following one of the many different methods of staining.

A wood stain is mainly used for adding color, beauty, and design to the piece of furniture. After staining the wood, chances are you will be varnishing it for additional, improved look. However, with all those different kinds of materials out in the market, it will be very difficult to choose which stain your furniture really needs in order to give you the desired look. So, here's some information on the most common types of stains available to you.

One among the many different ways of staining wood is through the use of oil-based stains. This method penetrates as deep as possible into the wood through the pores on the wood's surface, thereby protecting the wood and at the same time, enhancing the beauty and texture of the wood.

Water-based stains are also used instead of oil-based stains for staining furniture. Using water-based stains provides the wood an even-looking stain, giving it a soothing, smooth texture while also greatly protecting the furniture's surface.

While all of the above-mentioned stains are used to a certain extent, another type of stain called siding stain remains to be one of the most effectively used stains for staining wood. This is primarily because of its ability to withstand and protect from UV radiation, water, fungi, and insects.

Although the following may not fall under stains or the staining process, it may be interesting to know about a tool called the wood burning tool. If your furniture has any carving, you may want to use the wood-burning tool to increase the depth of the carving and give it a more stunning look. Users across the globe have been using the wood-burning tool for a long time now and are still continuing to use it.

Each of the different types of stains mentioned above is distinguished by the appearance it gives to the wood, and with that, each of them also offers excellent results that are attractive and appealing to the human eye. Apart the various methods of staining, one other method of enhancing the natural beauty of the wood is by not applying a stain or a varnish on it. This may not stand true for all types of wood, however. One of the commonly used types of wood, Walnut, looks good with or without stain or varnish on it because of its already beautiful, original color, state, and texture.

Users, therefore, have a wide variety of stains to choose from to enhance the look and beauty of their wooden furniture. Based on individual preferences, they can choose from oil and water-based stains or tint and wood-burned stains. So, what are you still waiting for? Try any of these stains and see the real beauty of your furniture, or simply leave it without stain or varnish if you're one of them who likes to admire the natural beauty and texture of the wood.

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