How to remove scratches from polished wood

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Published: 19th July 2009
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It's difficult to see your precious, beautiful furniture bear a scratch sometimes, especially because removing the scratch is not always an easy task. That said, you don't really need to go to the extent of spending hundreds of dollars on your expensive furniture. The best way to treat the scratch is by removing it yourself. If you're, however, not sure how to go about it, here are a few steps that you can follow and benefit from.

First up, you have to determine if the scratch is really on the wood or the polish. Sometimes, you may even find that the scratch is only on the wax coating and not on the wood itself. Removing scratches from the polish or the wax can be easier than removing the scratches from the wood.

While our next suggestion may seem pretty simple, it is definitely very important - clean your wood finish really well. If the scratch is on the wax finishing, using a wax solution will definitely help. The wax solution not only removes the scratch, but it also removes any kind of dirt and dust accumulated on the wax finish.

If these don't solve the problem, you can even try purchasing a scratch remover from the nearest hardware store. Scratch removers are known to perform the task at hand quite well. Another handy home remedy for removing scratches is mixing vegetable oil and lemon juice together and then applying the mixture on the scratched surface. This can do the furniture some good as well.

Depending on what wood your furniture is made of, there may be different solutions to the problem. For every type of wood there's also a corresponding home remedy available. You can just try searching for the phrase "removing scratches from polished wood" or "how to remove scratches from polished wood," and you'll find hundreds of results that will help you remove scratches from wood. So you always have the option to choose between professional services, replacing the entire furniture or furniture range with new ones, or just removing the scratches yourself. The latter, obviously, does seem like the easiest and most sensible option. Unless someone has already been looking at the option of replacing or exchanging their old furniture for new, they wouldn't want to spend a bomb just because a few scratches seem to have appeared on the surface of the furniture.

Once you're done with the scratch removing process, it's time to stain and polish the wood once again, unless you've not really caused any damage to the stain and polish while trying your hand at removing the scratches from the wood's surface.

If the wood requires staining, you can buy some stain that matches your furniture and the stain color around the scratched area. This is important because the new stain needs to gel with the old stain color to get that perfect, stunning look once again. While staining your furniture, you need to ensure that you use only high quality brushes. This is extremely important to keep in mind. If the brush is not smooth enough, you may find brush marks on the polish after the stain dries on the wood. To avoid this, we advise that you use smooth, high quality brushes. In case, such a kind of brush is not easily available, go for some cotton as substitute. After the first coat, let the stain dry for enough amount of time before you go for the second coat. This will give your furniture a new, sparkling look.

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